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Marvel’s Spider-Man – An exciting start?

I wanted to give my first thoughts on this new Spider-Man game, and I want to mention a few disclaimers here at the start. I’ve never played a Spider-Man game before and I’ve never played any of the Batman Arkham games which I’ve heard this being compared to quite a lot.

So, I wanted to start off with my favourite part of this game. The swinging mechanics, I have spent so long in my first week or so of playing this game just swinging around the city and gathering all the collectable Towers, Backpacks etc. It’s so smooth and It works so well. You can be very precise with it or you can set yourself off in a direction and just hold on to the R2 button.

I don’t feel like it’s completely realistic as you can notice that you’re swinging and not quite attached to what you feel you should be. Although so far, I’ve just been enjoying swinging around and finding some recognisable buildings such as the Avengers tower and Sanctum Sanctorum from Doctor Strange!

One of my first concerns that comes up for myself is that, I’m a very easily distracted person, and this means that with the amount of crimes and collectables and research pods and challenges going on, I’ve barely moved along in the story.

I also want to throw a quick shout-out to the combat system, I enjoy a couple of fighting games and have used a lot of different combat systems, and the combat system in this game is extremely well done. I’m so used to button bashing controls and just getting by, where as with this game I find myself spending the time to learn the combo’s and actually work at it which I don’t usually do.

To finalise, I’ve really enjoyed playing Marvel’s Spider-Man so far and I’m really looking forward to finishing the story, and when I do I’ll come back with a more in-depth look at it.


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