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Directly Amazing – The Nintendo I needed

So I wanted to take some time to discuss the latest Nintendo Direct, because it was AMAZING. There was so much announced that has me hyped. Just a quick disclaimer, I’m only going to be talking about the games I want.

So we start off with Luigi’s Mansion 3, which I’m very excited about, It looks to me like ae1cf-download2b252812529this time we’re going into a hotel which means there is probably going to be a lot of space to run around and catch ghosts in. Also from what I can see we’re getting some new additions to the Poltergust including a jetpack/hover mode which is pretty similar to FLUD from Super Mario Sunshine. It looks great!

The next game that got me super excited was Katamari Damacy REROLL, I’ve neverb2366-katamari-switch-pc_09-13-18 played a Katamari game (aside from the mobile game) but I’ve watched countless lets plays of the Katamari games and know full well that I’ve always wanted to play this game. The Gyro controls will be interesting to use and the HD Rumble i’m sure will likely be disappointing to experience…

Nintendo then decided to spend a couple of minutes explaining their Nintendo Switch Online service, which looks interesting but i’ll be interested to see how well it actually works (Nintendo aren’t known for their online services). However, I’m very excited for the NES games and the new NES Control Joy-Cons. It was a little upsetting to learn that you can backup your save data to the cloud but it will be deleted if your subscription runs out? Hopefully they’ll hear plenty from Nintendo fans and fix that quickly.

Next we received some new information about the game series i’m most excited to0ceed-h2x1_nswitch_pokemonletsgoeevee_engb_image1600w see coming to the switch (I’ve already booked a week off work to play it) Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu. They’ve shown us how our Partner Pokemon is amazing, which to me is a bit of a double edged sword. I loved collecting new Pokemon and using them as my HM Slaves, but it’s handy that the one Pokemon who will be your partner throughout will be able to use all of the abilities.

e4db8-h2x1_nswitch_supermarioparty_image1600wWe next learnt some more about Super Mario Party, which I’m actually excited about. For me the switch was all about the multiplayer party games you could take away with you which Super Mario Party is going to be perfect for. I’ve always enjoyed playing the Mario Party series with friends and family and I’ll finally be able to take it with a console that can go anywhere!

Finally, they actually gave us some new information about the Switch Yoshi game. Thisca130-yoshi-nintendo-switch-release-date-trailer-gameplay-and-news-for-wooly-world-follow-up-697161 game looks super cute and the mechanics look very interesting, including being able to play the stages backwards. Nintendo seem to really love their Paper and Crafts when coming up with games.

They also announced that Civilization VI is coming to Switch, which as somebody who doesn’t have a very good PC, makes me very excited to be able to finally play the latest Civ game on a console.

As a very big Smash fan and a huge Animal Crossing fan my jaw dropped when I finally got to the end of the Nintendo Direct.

They announced that Isabelle is coming to Smash Brothers Ultimate, which for me at least, is super exciting. She’s one of my favourite Animal Crossing characters and to be able to fight my friends and be cute all at the same time, Sorry nearly nude Shulk, but I’ve got a new Main.


And last but certainly not least, we finally have the announcement that they’re working on a new Animal Crossing for the switch. I absolutely love the Animal Crossing series and have played every single one of them. It’s so exciting to finally hear about the fact that a new game is coming to the Switch next year,

So to wrap up, I’m very, very excited for this next year or so with Nintendo and the Switch, although the one thing I could say that i’m a little disappointed about is the fact that we’ve not had any news on the newest instalment of Bayonetta.



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