Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet

Dancing Queen is the latest in the gay agenda. Alyssa Edwards’ documentary series has arrived on Netflix.

So far I’ve only watched a couple of episodes, but I’ve been enjoying it so much. Learning about where Justin came from as self proclaimed “white trash” and seeing where he is now, buying himself a house and giving his wisdom to the future of America is just humbling.


I love the style of it, at first I thought it was going to be another terrifying Dance Mom’s series where it’s just a crazy train wreck and in actuality it’s very heartfelt. Seeing this other side of Justin that is very real is wonderful.

So far I’ve only watched a couple of episodes but they are keeping it so real and to me, this is the next step to bringing the LBGTQIA++ community to the forefront and mainstream media. We started with Drag Race and we’re moving toward something more real.

As a kid growing up we really didn’t have much in the way of gay media, and now it’s so great to see all this gay media flowing freely and kids have so much access to it all. It’s so exciting that we can be more free.

Dancing Queen is more about Justin as a whole person, it’s not just about Alyssa tongue popping and pulling her one liners. They are showing all aspects of his life and the way he deals with those damn Texas mom’s. Over all I have been enjoying the show and look forward to seeing more.



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