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Super Mario Party – The First Weekend

It has been a while since I played a Mario Party game, I played along with a whole room full of people during Game Grumps Live, but looking back at when I last played myself it was probably Mario Party 7 on the GameCube which was a long distant memory now.

I’ve been excited for this latest instalment since it was announced. A breath of fresh air on the Mario Party Franchise. Friday I took myself to our closest game store, grabbed my copy and went on to the pub for a couple of drinks. After socialising for a couple of hours me and my boyfriend came home and I booted up the Switch!

We played my first game of Mario Party in years and my boyfriends first Mario Party 07027-43470072_1107996739376743_5029917023040176128_ogame ever. We started as you would expect in the Whomp’s Domino Ruins and while playing as Rosalina, I goddamn lost. I really enjoyed my first play through as it was interesting to see the new style and as much as I haven’t played in years, I know that in some of the later games they group everyone into a stupid car, glad they took that out and everyone is separated everyone to look after themselves.

We then took off to bed and I came back to have a real look at the game on Saturdaybeb05-43395731_1107997409376676_1308491864382373888_o morning, I started off with the River Survival, which I actually enjoyed. It was very interesting to try and hit as many of the mini game balloons as possible, as well as going through all the different options for paths. My favourite part was the whole co-operative nature and playing again on Sunday with my boyfriend, we had a great time. I like how the dynamic changes after you go from playing Mario Party Mode to River Survival and you start playing collaboratively and suddenly you’re working as hard as you can to work together, which is the point I guess.

All the mini games I have played so far have been really good, I’ve not had any troubleaa8d1-43301679_1107997396043344_8205560655667789824_o with any aside from the Perfect Fit mini game but that was just trouble with the Joycon. They’re all very fun and my favourite is definitely Slaparazzi. Generally the Mini Games work well and they are all pretty fun.

Now I also want to talk about Sound Stage, this was interesting to me because I am not the biggest fan of rhythm games, I don’t have any rhythm so these games are really hard for me. However, I actually enjoyed Sound Stage, it presented enough challenge without being too hard although, I’m not sure if I’ll play it again now I have the Spirit Gem.

To take a less serious turn, the celebration poses. Why on earth does Yoshi look like he is 62a03-43360902_1107996756043408_3561929495126474752_opreparing for a good smashing when he’s celebrating. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and think it’s hilarious (I know it’s just my dirty mind at work) but Nintendo is family friendly, surely there was another pose they could’ve given him.

Partner Party is a great addition to the Mario Party series, the whole idea of teaming up is interesting and there is a lot of strategy you can use to gain an advantage.

I’ve very briefly tried the challenge road and it seems an interesting concept and I do look forward to seeing how far I can get.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed my time so far playing Super Mario Party and I’m really looking forward to playing some more, at least for the next month until Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu comes out.


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