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Nostalgia Overload

On the 4th of January 2001, an experience was released, at that time I was 5 years old. I didn’t experience the joy of RuneScape when it was initially released but I remember the day when we had broadband installed and finally I had something else to do on my PC that wasn’t drawing weird circles on paint and filling them in.

I found RuneScape and I was addicted, I was playing with other people, found myself a clan, got myself some rainbow socks and I was still pretty bad at the game. Then I got myself some real friends and forgot about RuneScape because I never had time to play.

They not long ago released in Beta the Old School RuneScape Mobile edition, which is absolutely glorious.

Screenshot_20181010-081622_Old School RuneScape

A whole world of nostalgia has opened up for me. It’s rare that I open up my laptop and sit on it for hours, especially in this world of smartphones, so with this new ways of accessing one of the first games I played is great. I can open up the app, log in and just start mining for iron, or baking potatoes or whatever I want to do. It’s not a taxing time of loading up my laptop, loading up the game, making sure my Bluetooth mouse is connected etc…

Portability is key in my life, hence my love for the Nintendo Switch, I love being able to take things with me.

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing Old School RuneScape on my phone, and it surprisingly works really well. The controls are nice, it runs well and it doesn’t struggle at all.

I’ve really enjoyed playing again, although as I’ve had to start with a new account it’s been a lot of grinding, but it’s been fun, a new experience. Everybody loves Minecraft with its lack of amazing graphics and RuneScape is my Minecraft. For a game that is now 17 years old it still looks really good.

The quests are still enjoyable and as with most MMORPG’s it’s still a bit of a grind, but it’s still a lot of fun. I just wish I remembered how to get the rainbow socks, I may have to take to Google for that.

The thing I missed most was the community, and unfortunately I feel like I haven’t been playing long enough to get back into the community. I may have to reach out in one of the facebook groups and see if anybody plays that I can connect with.

In the end, I’ve had so much fun getting back into RuneScape and rediscovering the many ways to do everything and all the different options of things to do.

It’s so much fun and if you find yourself with a couple of extra hours then join RuneScape and discover a new world.

Screenshot_20181010-081518_Old School RuneScape.jpg


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