The Good Series

The Good place is so worth watching, I love the fact that it deals with the issues of Heaven and Hell and it isn’t completely full of religion, and now we move on to Season 3. If you’ve not watched it, you need to.

To quickly recap, Eleanor Shellstrop (Played by Kristen Bell) dies, and is brought to The Good Place, during the season she finds out that she isn’t really supposed to be there, she is not a good person. She becomes friends with Chidi Anogonye after being paired as soul mates and he tries to teach her how to be a good person. As the first series ends we find out that really they were in The Bad Place. The whole situation was a new experiment in The Bad Place, trying to torture people mentally instead of physically. A lot of other things happen with Jason and Tahani getting together.

Then we move on to Season two where Michael continues trying to torture the gang, and they get reset a few hundred times before Michael decides to help the gang to get to the good place, Jason and Janet fall in love. A lot of things happen, but in the end they send Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason back to earth to find out if they can become better people.

Today i’m watching the first episode of the third season, Chapter 27 & Chapter 28. In Chapter 27, Michael knows that the four of them won’t become better people if they are left alone to work it out, so he takes the trip to earth to give Eleanor and Chidi a push to get in touch and start working together, after all it worked so well in the after life. They start working together again on making Eleanor a better person as well as making Chidi better too.

Then we start Chapter 28 with Tahani, and her trying to take away her desire for attention by joining and monk monastery and is soon enough writing a book on how to get out of the spotlight by getting back into the spotlight. Chidi then reaches out to Tahani to join the study for how near death experiences affect the ethical choices a person makes.

Finally we find out Jason’s story, where he decides to change his life after nearly dying, by winning a dance competition. Jason starts his dance troupe, Dance Dance Resolution, after a big chunk of people leave. His troupe was disqualified after having far too many people, and they continue to lose, leading to giving the whole dance crew permission to do crime again. All of this leading to Jason realising that there may be more to life than amateur street dance. He decides to join the gang back in Australia.

We finish the episode with Michael and Janet almost getting busted by the Judge and Chidi’s study being joined by Trevor, who is actually one of the demons and was definitely sent by Shawn.

The whole episode was really good, the writing was the same as it usually is and the story line feels like it’s going somewhere. Sometimes with TV Shows it can feel like the story just goes overboard and the whole thing turns into a train wreck, but luckily The Good Place has good writers and a good showrunner.

I’m excited to see the rest of this season and all I can wonder is, will the gang ever get into The Good Place?

Will Shawn manage to foil the plan and drag them straight back to The Bad Place?

If you’re also watching, let me know what you think in the comments!


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