The Best Girls: A Review of Good Girls

Good girls was my latest obsession on Netflix. I spent every minute I could watching the show, my half hour lunch during work and I’d watch it, my commute to and from work and I’d watch it, and I’ve loved it, so now I wanted to review it.

Good Girls is a ten part series currently available on Netflix and was originally released by NBC back in February ’18. The show follows three typical Suburban American house wives who are all friends (Played by Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman) as they all have their own struggle with money. They decide that to help themselves with these money issues, they’re going to rob a grocery store, I mean why not? They hope for $30,000 and ended up with much more than they anticipated with a total of $500,000. They end up involved with a gang and a lot of shit goes down, but I wish to go no further for fear of spoilers.

Good Girls follows a very interesting and unique story. As far as I’ve seen, the closest thing to compare it to would be Ocean’s Eight. A lot of gang style shows are mostly based around men, but Good Girls shows the other side of the story with a good comedy twist. While the plot and storyline is generally quite outrageous, it’s also very believable, everybody has had trouble with money and we’ve all thought about doing something outrageous to get that money. The dialogue and acting creates the right mood, with the comedic scenes the lines are written well enough to make anybody with a sense of humour laugh and the more serious scenes are written in a way which creates tension pushing you into the right frame of mind after spending the last 5 minutes laughing.

Christina Hendricks does such a good job during the whole series, everything is very believable, from the start where she is acting very gangster in the grocery store to the point near the end where she is stuck back in her normal life with the PTA mom’s in the park. The way she acts portrays such a wonderful character arc is beautiful and I can’t wait to see more from her in season 2. Manny Montana also did an excellent job as supporting character Rio, and though we don’t see much of Rio, his acting (and sexiness) is so well done and he adds a lot of depth to the series as a whole and, for me at least, he does such a good job I want to go away and find out what else he’s acted in.

All in all its one of my favourite shows I’ve watched on Netflix and I think it’s a show deserving of more of an outreach, before seeing it on Netflix I’d not seen much about Good Girls. If you ever find yourself scrolling the endless pit that is Netflix try giving Good Girls a go!


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