Live Rupauls Drag Race

I wouldn’t exchange her! Monét X Change

Last week I went to see Monét X Change live which was extremely exciting, I’ve seen a few drag race queens live and Monét was the latest addition to that list.

Monét X Change did her one woman show ‘Call me by Monét‘ at The Glee Club in Birmingham, UK. As with any show there was a wonderful supporting act from Ginny Lemon. As a local queen from Birmingham she knew the crowd and how to read it, she made for an excellent warm up as she danced and sang along to Dancing Lasha Tumbai by Verka Serduchka, she also unfortunately took a tumble on the stage but as with any queen she took it in her stride and got straight back up. Ginny left the stage and we took a quick break for a cigarette and a drink and finally Monét X Change took to the stage.

She started with a new York rendition of ‘The Circle of Life’ from The Lion King, holding a Bob the Drag Queen puppet and singing “I’m a Bottom, I’m a big ol’ Bottom” and how we laughed, it was a hysterical retake and she kept the momentum going throughout the whole show. It was a hilarious show that I could watch again and again, with reveals and flirtatiousness and just an all round laugh riot.

She also made a big finish by performing ‘Drag Suicide’ which I had never encountered, she went around asking for song suggestions and her sidekick, DJ Natazu, put them all together in a very quick medley and no matter the song Monét had to lip sync. It was a lot of fun to sing along and watch her struggle.

One of my favourite parts of the show was the way she would react and interact with the audience, she didn’t act like she was above us. She was one of us and she was with us.

Of the three Drag Race girls I have seen live, this was the most typical, what I would expect from a drag show. Which, of course, isn’t a bad thing because it’s still a fun night and Monét did a good job at making the show as a whole fun for all.

Overall, Call me by Monét was an amazing, camp, hilarious, fun show that all can enjoy, if you ever see that she’s doing a show local to you I would suggest taking the time to go see her.


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