Top Trailers of November

Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu looks so much better than I think anybody could’ve ever imagined. When The Pokemon Company said they were going to get Ryan Reynolds to voice Pikachu, we laughed as a collective and left it at that. They’ve finally released the first trailer and they’ve goddamn done it! The style of the film looks absolutely amazing and is something completely new to the Pokemon Franchise. Who wouldn’t want to find a Ryan Reynolds voiced Pikachu scurrying around their house. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film and what they bring to us next summer. 


This month we got the 3rd trailer for Glass, with Miss Sarah Paulson’s first appearance in regards to this film (From what I can remember). It still looks like a very interesting film, the crossover between M Night Shyamalan Films will provide an interesting theme and I’m interested to see how these characters react. I love Shyamalan’s films generally and I think this will be a good addition and crossover, just like AHS did with Apocalypse. I’m interested to see where all these characters go in this world that Shyamalan has made

The Informer

I’ll be honest, the only reason I initially watched this trailer was due to Joel Kinnaman being very attractive (as usual), however this actually looks like a good film. I’m very interested to see where the story leads and i’m praying that theres a lot of topless Kinnaman (a man can dream). I look forward to seeing what this film brings to the table and how enjoyable it actually is. 


This month we also got the final trailer for the Aquaman movie, featuring the gorgeous Jason Momoa. This movie looks beautiful, and for a DC film very bright. Aquaman is a film i’ve been very excited for since the release of the first teaser, he is simply my favourite of the Justice League. This trailer makes me excited for the film (As a trailer should) I just hope they haven’t fallen into the well that many trailers do, showing off every action scene in the trailer so all the action in the film is pointless.

Lion King

I was so hyped when I saw on my youtube that this trailer had been released. It’s created a lot of controversy for people arguing if it’s live action or animated, which in my case it’s all CGI’d so it’s technically still an animated film. However this film looks like it’s going to be amazing, and I’ll be spending a lot of 2019 sitting in a cinema full of kids watching the Disney films. I like the way they’ve taken one of my childhood films and re-created it in the way that I would’ve imagined it as a kid. 

There we have it, my Top 5 trailers from November 2018. I’m really excited for all the films coming out and look forward to next year being amazing. 


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