Rupauls Drag Race

All Stars; My Dream Cast

With the newest season of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars coming up right before Christmas, I wanted to throw out there my absolute Dream Cast for All Stars 5. I’ve set myself some rules, the obvious being no previous winners (although Ru didn’t exactly keep to that one) and I also want to avoid queens who have taken part in a season of All Stars already. 

1. Ongina

Ongina is one of those queens where I’d love to see how far she’s come, I know it’s not always possibly but a boy can damn well hope. She’s one of my picks for my Dream Cast of All Stars because I know if she ever did it, she would give us a show. Just thinking back to all the drama and glamour that she gave us on Season 1 makes me reminiscent. 

2. Stacy Layne Matthews

I loved Stacey Layne Matthews when she made her first appearance in Season 3, She was fabulous but very quiet (a bit like myself) and she didn’t take anyone’s shit. In her season she was a little fish in a big ass pond, and she’d spent many years being one of the biggest fish in a tiny pond and I think it threw her off, so I’d love to see her come back and show us what she’s really got. 

3. The Princess

I really enjoyed the energy that The Princess brought to Season 4, she was a bit different (they all were in season 4) but it felt like she definitely brought something unique to the table and I wish we could’ve seen more of her.

4. Ivy Winters

Ivy Winters was an absolute star during Season 5, she completely wowed the judges and everybody at home with some of the outfits she had handmade. I’d love to see her come back and bring us more of those outrageous outfits and show us what else she has to offer. I really enjoyed watching the way she interacted with the other queens, she always seemed genuine and i’d love to see more of the queens be genuine.  

5. April Carrion

I loved April Carrion during Season 6 (I’m in the middle of re-watching it) and to see how she could pull off some of these amazing looks set me off. She’s a gorgeous queen from head to toe and I wish we could’ve seen more of her (maybe without the butch lesbian acting) and gained a better sense of who April Carrion is. 

6. Vivacious

Mother arrived and I want her to arrive again for a season of All Stars. Vivacious was a perfect contender for Drag Race and somehow she blew it, I’d love to see her come back so we can see how she’s grown and changed after another 5 years of drag. I also want to see more of Ornacia and those wacky costumes, they never failed to put a smile on my face. 

7. Miss Fame

She’s Beauty, She’s Grace and she’s a man Mary. Miss Fame is a legendary beauty her make-up was always on point (especially when she did Divine) we later found out in that season that she may have been beautiful but she hadn’t worked so hard on her talents. HOWEVER (before you come for me) I want to see how she’s grown, how has she developed since leaving Drag Race to become a better performer.

8. Kim Chi

Donut come for her. Kim Chi was one of my favourite queens from Season 8, she had the look, she had style, and she had the jokes. Kim Chi is a fucking weirdo and it’s one of the best parts about her. I think one of the reasons I love Kim so much is because she reminds me of myself. I see the chubby gay boy who is constantly falling over and I see me and goddamn it I want to see more. 

9. Shea Coulee

Shea Coulee is fucking fierce. She was my favourite to win during season 9 (although it was a hard decision) and I loved her style, her make up and everything about her. I really want to see more from Shea (especially her friendship with Sasha) and maybe we should make Teets and Asky a real show, because I think it’d be hilarious.

10. Pearl

Pearl is an amazing queen, and while she did retract into her shell during her season, she came out at the right time and gave us all what we needed, but I didn’t get enough. Now I want more and I want to see if and how she’s grown to become a better queen. I want more of her One-Liners.

And there we have it, my 10 choices for my Dream Cast for All Stars 5, I know it’ll never happen but a boy can dream.


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